Hello World!

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  1. wizron Says:

    Chiron Deep Awareness Astrology.

    I have started this blog in order to comment on Saturn entering Libra, and to have this article go into the collection being amassed for international astrology day in March 2010. However, my main interest is Chiron, and I look forward to collecting group insights on this fascinating little rock as it circles endlessly in its elliptical orbit through the heavens. I call my brand of astrology Chiron Deep Awareness Astrology, because I feel that Chiron has as much to do with astrology as Uranus; maybe even more. After all, was astrology not one of the things Chiron taught to the children of the Gods? It was. And did Chiron not sit in his cave for hours contemplating such matters? He did. And is astrology not a ‘wounded’ art in that is not accepted by most of humanity? It is. I rest my case:-)


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