Saturn in Libra and Creating A Relationship Blueprint

The positive thing about Saturn moving through Libra is that relationships of all kinds are being redefined. I personally know of a woman (with no knowledge or awareness of astrology) who is finally setting boundaries with the people in her life that drain her, and will now not allow these people to drain her anymore. Saturn in Libra describes the personal standards we accept in our relationships. To reach a better understanding of what Saturn in Libra means, we must examine people who have this placement in their natal charts. Two women I know with this placement have both chosen inappropriate and unreliable partners in the past, and have ended up being disappointed and hurt after the relationship has inevitably collapsed. I must add that both women concerned were very loyal and dependable, and this is a quality that Saturn in Libra seems to gift the native with. It is just a shame that their partners were not of the same ilk. The phrase ‘once bitten, twice shy’ fits Saturn in Libra because the native with this placement in their natal chart becomes cautious about moving into another relationship once they have experienced a hurtful, disappointing one. Another manifestation of this natal placement is once again best expressed by a phrase; the phrase being ‘better the devil you know than the devil you don’t’. In other words, the Saturn in Libra person stays in an unsatisfactory relationship because he or she fears that the next relationship they choose might be worse. Both of these relationship situations show a need to be very discerning in the choice of partner in the first place. Saturn transiting through Libra for me personally (before it retrograded back into Virgo) was about becoming quite strict with people in my life who I considered to be ‘energy suckers’. Saturn demands from all of us that we are self-supporting, rather than drawing on the time and energy and resources of others. Another manifestation of Saturn passing through Libra will be that certain relationships in ones family will need maintenance or restructuring in some way, largely due to Saturn’s continuing square to Pluto. And with Uranus coming into the planetary mix soon, there may be some endings and/or fresh new beginnings concerning long-standing relationships. I expect that the number of people going to family counsellors or even psychotherapists in order to resolve long-standing relationship issues will rise sharply. People who have Saturn in Libra natally (and also any single people looking for a partner during Saturn’s current transit of Libra) must specify to themselves exactly what they want, require, need and expect in a partner , form a blueprint of their conclusions, and stick to that blueprint like glue. People not in a current relationship may be feeling impulsive now because the relationship they desire seems to be a long time in coming. But instead of impulsively ‘diving in’ to a situation that may seem appealing now, single people at this time especially need to excercise more faith, patience and respect for self and wait a little longer before making a decision. Patience, of course, is Saturn’s forte. So, if you happen to be a member of a dating site while while Saturn transits Libra, and you are sincere in your desire to find a great partner that truly complements you and meets you in all areas, what you need to do is clearly define to yourself exactly what it is that you truly want in that partner, and don’t accept anything less. Make wise old father time (Saturn) proud of you. Happy hunting! Note: This article is featured in <a href=>Saturn in Libra and Relationships</a>, published on Sasstrology as part of the 2010 International Astrology Day Blogathon. The purpose of this web-based event is to create a permanent library of articles about how to deal with the stresses of the Cardinal T-Square of Pluto, Saturn and Uranus. The main page for the Blogathon collections is at <a href=>The Cardinal T-Square of 2010: Saturn, Uranus, Pluto</a>.</i>


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7 Responses to “Saturn in Libra and Creating A Relationship Blueprint”

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    […] in Saturn in Libra and Creating A Relationship Blueprint, Wizron discusses the need to let go of draining relationships during this transit, as well to […]


  2. Emma Says:

    I am a Libra and currently experiencing harsh Saturn in my sign, my past 6 and only relationships have been ones of unrequited Love (all of the love never being returned by my lover) so I find it hard to ever let myself love again. I promised myself after my 5th relationship that I would never let anyone hurt me like that agin but lo and behold I let myself fall for someone who I thought was perfect and couldnt possibly hurt me if He tried. I find it so increadibly hard to let myself fall for anyone again, yet being a Libran, I would rather Die than be alone, without a partner. I just want to know if Saturns transit going through Libra at the moment could help me find someone who is right for me. I couldnt stand one more relationship ending over unrequited Love!


  3. wizron Says:

    Look at it this way Emma. Saturn has come along to assist you. He has moved into your sign and is giving you an opportunity to clean up your energy and restructure the whole basis that your relationships operate on.

    The universe is like a mirror. Whatever thoughts and feelings (energy) you project into it will eventually come back to you in some way, shape and form. As a Libran, you know that nothing is ever totally one-sided. It takes two. You deserve a wonderful, loving relationship. Everyone does (Libran or otherwise). So how do you change the pattern you have been experiencing? My intuition tells me that once you are in a relationship, even though you hope for the best, you secretly fear that something will go wrong. This fear that you are broadcasting out into the universe plays a big part in what eventually happens in your relationships. This is the part that you are responsible for,. So how do you change this pattern? Establish what you, and only you, really, really want in a relationship. Take your time in creating this picture, and be as honest and as self-aware as you can. Once you have it, write it down, read it every day (make improvements if you want), and send this vision out every day, expecting that this will be your next relationship (instead of going into fear mode about what ‘might’ happen). Ignore your mind and just feel, and imagine the best. And when a date comes along, stick to the standards you have set for yourself. If the person doesn’t match your vision, drop them like a hot cake. Hold strongly to your vision until you find the right person, knowing that you are a wonderful person and that you deserve the wonderful relationship that you are visualising. By doing this, you will reach your dream, because the universe will comply with your vision if you hold it with faith and determination. And Saturn will give you the strength, determination and self-discipline to do this. Work with Saturn and he will bring you the quality relationship that your heart desires.


  4. Steph Says:

    the secret! -it truly works. I’ve tried this myself. I thought hard about what kind of relationship I wanted with a man and just recently found someone who fits the perfect picture. Believe in yourself and love yourself and you can only expect great things!


    • wizron Says:

      Congratulations Steph. Saturn helps us to manifest things. Without Saturn, we would fly off this spinning planet because Saturn rules gravity, and there would be no gravity to hold us down. Also, without Saturn around, we wouldn’t be able to manifest anything, especially our fondest dreams (the positive side of Saturn-Neptune is dream manifestation through faith and perseverance). When you change what is happening inside yourself, what happens outside of you must also change. That is a Universal Law (Saturn- Uranus). Inner clarity, focus and faith brings results! And Saturn in Libra is teaching us all this inner clarity and focus, this time in the area of relationships (if we are open enough to listen). Congratulations once again Steph – you are someone who has experienced the truth of an unchangeable Universal Law. I hope to hear many more success stories like yours over the next two years or so while Saturn is a guest in the sign of Libra.


  5. Daisy Says:

    I can’t believe I just found this site, duh! Nice explanation, but what happens when native Saturn in Libra folks has Neptune mashed up with him, as was a common generational conj in the 50’s did these boomers, just not see what they needed, or where their boundaries so blurred they couldn’t focus. Are their second saturn returns doing a number on them now?


  6. wizron Says:

    Saturn-Neptune in Libra people can be naieve in relationships. They can be too giving or sacrificial to others in a way that is not very balanced. They must learn to set personal boundaries in relationships – boundaries that honour themselves as well as the other. They must especially avoid partners that have addictions (of any kind). But, with lessons learned via experience in the time honoured way of Saturn, they can experience very spiritual relationships, and make wonderful partners. I know someone with the Saturn-Neptune conjunction in Libra who will experience her second Saturn return within the next 12 months, so I will observe, and comment later.


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