The North Node: Tips On How To Understand It

In order to ascertain valuable clues about the North and South Node (they come as a team) in an astrology birth chart or ‘sky map”, always incorporate the polarity of the two (opposite) signs involved that the North and South Node occupy.

The North Node describes a person’s highest purpose in this lifetime, and the South Node describes the “comfort zone” that needs to be transcended and broken out of for valuable personal growth to occur.

The South Node describes what we are being asked to leave behind and the North Node describes what we are being asked to move toward in this lifetime in order to experience ultimate satisfaction and personal joy, and because the North Node is about one’s highest purpose, it also hints at wonderful ways that we can be of most useful service to others.

The polarity operating between the two signs the Nodes occupy provides valuable information about this personal energy transition and shift, which can take a lifetime to achieve (if it happens at all – depends on the person).

Even though two signs opposed to each other on the zodiac wheel have many opposite qualities, there is also a common thread that links the two signs. This is called polarity. For instance, even though Scorpio and Taurus have many opposite qualities, they are both about money, possessions, sensuality and strong desires. That is the common thread and polarity that operates between these two signs that oppose each other on the zodiac wheel.

A person who has the South Node in Scorpio and the North Node in Taurus is being asked to move away from the complications, intensity, risk taking, danger and secretiveness of Scorpio, and towards the slow, steady, plodding pace, simplicity, peace, solidness and dependable security described by the North Node in the sign of Taurus.

However, a person born with the Nodes around the other way e.g. the South Node in Taurus and the North Node in Scorpio is being asked to let go of possessions, security and stability (Taurus) to a certain degree and to live more dangerously and intensely and take more risks (Scorpio) and trust the universe. The person with the North Node in Scorpio is being called to develop the ability to manifest (Scorpio) personal needs, wants and desires out of thin air, rather than “hold onto” things while staying in an unadventurous security rut (South Node in Taurus).

Here is another example of polarity between signs. Aries and Libra are opposite signs which display many opposite qualities, but they are both about relationships. This is the common thread of polarity that operates between them and links them. Libra is about attracting a partner, and Aries is about pursuing one, taking action and displaying initiative, and “bringing home the bacon” in a sense.

Libra describes attractiveness, and the power to attract, while Aries describes assertiveness, and the ability to win the challenge or contest by taking assertive action. Aries is about SELF, and Libra is about “the other”.  Aries is about personal identity, independent actions and so on, whereas Libra is more about personal identity in league with or even through the partner.

So the extreme of Aries might be SELF-ishness, and the extreme of Libra might be (crippling) codependence. There is a balance in the middle of course.

So a person with the North Node in Aries and South Node in Libra needs to develop a more assertive, courageous and independent identity, and also needs to learn to become a bit more SELF-ish. However, a person born with the Nodes around the other way e.g. North Node in Libra and South Node in Aries needs to learn to work through or in cooperation with other people more and learn to consider others more instead of constantly using the abundance of independent personal leadership strength that South Node in Aries supplies.

And so on and so on, around the zodiac.


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