Aries to Pisces: An Astrological Journey

It is interesting how the signs, from Aries through to Pisces, tell a continuing and changing story, and how each sign changes the focus of the one preceding it.

Just to be different, lets start with Pisces: We are all One (we come from Spirit, and we return to Spirit, each and every one of us. We Are, as One, and in more than just the relationship sense of relating to one other person)

Aries: I Am (my self, my individuality, my ego self and my personal challenges – I have separated from the womb of Pisces where I was One with my mother)

Taurus: I Have (all of my possessions, including my self worth and physical bodily attributes – this is MY body)

Gemini: I Think (and I am full of ideas and I communicate and I multi-task really well)

Cancer: I Feel (and I collect photos, feelings and emotional experiences, and I am very sensitive)

Leo: I Create (wonderful, fun creations, and even though I am a generous person with a big heart and I do a lot for others, I am quite a self-absorbed person)

And after that, the signs seem to incorporate the larger world and outer reality a lot more.

The service oriented Virgo (I Serve, and in doing so I sacrifice myself for others, just like my opposite sign of Pisces)

The relationship-focused Libra (We Are, as opposed to opposite sign Aries’ “I Am”)

Scorpio’s “I Desire” (intense, personal, focused pursuit, that definitely does include other people!)

Sagittarius: “I See, and I Seek”: “I find other people’s philosophies really interesting -oh, what an interesting way of looking at life, I could talk about that for hours, and I wonder what the truth really is”… and I better move on to the next sign before it takes up all of this article… 🙂

Concrete Capricorn: “I Learn, and I Teach” (Black and White, this is the way it is – ‘Reality’ and the rules, and this is my structure. My way or the highway. Don’t bother me with philosophies; I have ‘concretised’ my philosophy on life, and this is the way it is)

Aquarius: “I Know” (Don’t try to lecture me or tell me what to do. I want to break all the rules, rules are made to be broken, I like to pursue alternative ways of doing things, predictability is boring, it’s time for a change, I’ve had enough of the ‘same old same old’. I sense a better way, and I’m going to manifest it down here on earth)

And back to compassionate Pisces: “I Believe” (We are all souls, living in these physical bodies. I try not to judge until I’ve walked a mile in someone else’s shoes; there but for the grace of God go I – we are all one).


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