The Sun Passing Through Libra

This is a time of looking at all the relationships you have in your life. Not just relationships with other people, but the relationship between the factions you have going on inside you. Deep within your inner world. It is a time of examining the balance between these factions.

The balance between work and leisure time.

The balance between friendship and detachment or avoidance.

The balance between embracing someone and condemning them.

The balance between fear and confidence.

The balance between poverty and abundance.

Between lack of and lots of.

Between loneliness and warm, contented companionship.

Between serving yourself and serving others.

Between pleasing yourself and pleasing others.

Between fostering relationships and burning bridges.

Between being demanding, and undemanding and content.

How much do you give, and how much do you take?

Between when to indulge, and when not to indulge.

Between when to speak, and when to hold your tongue.

Between caring too much about what other people think, and not caring at all.

How true are you to yourself, and how much do you allow your behaviour to be influenced by others?

At a certain point during the Sun’s passage through Libra, the amount of darkness on Earth and light on Earth are equal (12 hours each).

The balance between love and hate, darkness and light.

As a famous Libran by the name of John Lennon (who also had the Moon in Aquarius) once said: Give peace a chance.

Can you see the balance operating between the two examples, and the polarity between them? (for example, Aries is about Self, and Libra is about “the other”, but they are both about relationships, which is the polarity). The oppositions in your chart (if you have any) are like that too.

A client gave me an example recently of Mars in Scorpio opposite Moon in Taurus in her chart. She explained that Mars in Scorpio feels like she is furiously swimming underwater in order to achieve something, and Moon in Taurus feels like calmness, contentment and relaxation, and that abundance is coming to her. Both of these signs are about money/income/assets (amongst other things). Scorpio rules other people’s money, while Taurus rules personal income (and the self-worth needed to obtain it).

So there is the opposition and opposite poles (swimming furiously, and relaxing) and the polarity (money).

Your Nodes (North Node and South Node) are like that also (and everyone has Nodes). They are like a stick which has two different ends, yet those ends are connected.

Which end are you operating from? What does your balance look like there? How much of your life are you living through your South Node, and how much through your North Node?

Are you living ‘comfortably’ (South Node) or do you put yourself out there and challenge yourself? (North Node).

And to end this brief article, we shall end with the words of that famous Libran, John Lennon (who also had the Moon in Aquarius just to add a bit more air): Imagine all the people, living life in peace. You may say, I’m a dreamer (idealist), but I’m just an Air sign with the Moon in Aquarius.  🙂






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