We are living in interesting times. Presently we are living in a time where everything is intensified. The Light is intensified. The Dark is intensified. Unfortunately it seems to be easier to see the dark than it is the light. Astrology is no different. Astrology is a gift, and a tool. We can use it to intensify our darkness (and many do), or we can use it to brighten and expand our light.

With this blog I hope to post articles that contribute to the “light” side of the equation, because we are actually living in an amazing time. Look at all the clever new inventions. Look at all the (sometimes hidden) tools available for personal liberation and growth, and self-development. Astrology is just one of those tools.

Astrology is a creative passion I have pursued for many years now, and the amazing thing I have noticed about astrology is that the more you learn, the more there is to learn – and you become aware that astrology is a never-ending field of knowledge and enquiry, and a great universal tool; one which is free of political and religious overtones. A tool that anyone in the world can use to find out the truth. A tool to help you know yourself, and a tool to put things into perspective for you, as well as tuning you in to the amazing talents you have as an individual. A tool to alert you to why you are here on this particular planet at this particular time.

So welcome to my blog, and may you find some comfort here 🙂


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