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Chiron, Virgo And Charlie Sheen’s Chiron Return

December 16, 2015

Ever met a Virgo that doesn’t fit the astrology textbook description of what a Virgo is supposed to be like? I believe that these people (and there are plenty of them) are what I call “Chiron Virgo’s”. I hesitate to go as far as to say that Chiron actually ‘rules’ Virgo, but it certainly does have a strong and obvious association with the sign of Virgo in my opinion.

Chiron describes our true self and uniqueness. It also describes the special and unique gifts that we have as individuals and the ‘onboard abilities’ that are ours only to give. These unique qualities are the special gifts we have that make us ‘charismatic’. So, “Chiron Virgo’s” are also charismatic Virgo’s, which will become apparent in the examples I will provide.

So let’s look at a few of these Charismatic Chiron Virgo’s. Glamorous Sophia Loren. Talented Sean Connery. Charismatic front man Freddie Mercury (someone else affected by a serious physical and psychological health issue). Multi-talented Michael Jackson. Talented and mesmerizing Beyonce Knowles. Actress Cameron Diaz.

Actor Richard Gere is another Charismatic Chiron Virgo (Richard also has his natal Sun in Virgo in square aspect to natal Chiron in his birth chart, and he oozes charisma).

Charlie Sheen And Chiron

Charlie Sheen is another Charismatic Chiron Virgo. Chiron represents our true self, and our authenticity as people. During the Chiron return (around 49-50 years old), buried wounds that need to be brought up out of the private and often secretive subconscious mind where they are likely to have been lurking for a long time, tend to come up for healing and exposure, and up into the fresh air of honesty and authenticity and the public arena. It is no coincidence that at the time I write this article, Charlie Sheen is 50 years old, and he is finally exposing his festering physical and psychological wound of being HIV Positive and bringing it out into the open for healing.

Perhaps Charlie can use his power and influence and generosity to help find a cure for HIV/Aids. Whatever he chooses to do, he is bound to change a lot at this point of his life journey, as both Chiron and the focal point of his Chiron Return assert their very definite energy and influence in his life.

Chiron orbits between Saturn and Uranus physically, and Chiron is intrinsically connected to both Saturn and Uranus psychologically/spiritually. The Chiron Return marks yet another maturing phase (Saturn) on the human journey – a maturing phase which releases more of our true individual selves (Uranus) by exposing and healing psychological/physical traumas that cast shadows over the light of our true and authentic selves.

It is good that Charlie has not missed the “Chiron healing boat” and opportunity to heal, because some people surely do, and consequently hold their wounds inside until the end of their lives.





Chiron and Charisma

May 25, 2014

In astrology, certain planets “rule”, or have governance over or alignment with qualities that we find in life. Everything in life (known and unknown) falls under the rulership of one of the many planets or bodies within our solar system. Some of the qualities we find in life are easy to align under the rulership of the appropriate planet; for instance Venus rules the principle of attraction, and Mars represents self assertion and boldness. So of course Venus and Mars happen to be very prominent planets when it comes to close relationships and the interaction that occurs therein.

However, the quality of charisma is somewhat more difficult to align under the specific rulership of one of the planetary bodies. I personally believe that charisma falls under the rulership of Chiron (note how both words begin with “ch”).

Chiron is a cross between an asteroid and a planet which was discovered orbiting between Saturn and Uranus in October of 1977. In order to understand what Chiron means and governs in life, astrologers have had to look back into the Greek mythology surrounding Chiron, and then observe Chiron in people’s astrology charts over a period of time, and draw conclusions from doing so.

In Greek mythology, Chiron was a wise mentor to other people, and was multi-talented. (such a person is already beginning to appear as somewhat charismatic). Chiron was somewhat of a loner and a bit of a maverick, and a true and unique individual. Chiron was intelligent, civilised and kind also, and quite a studious person. He was gifted with special healing skills, which he needed in order to heal his own personal wounds, which were both physical and psychological-spiritual. He then extended those healing skills out into humanity, and he also became a tutor and a teacher to the young gods.

From my own personal observations about Chiron over the years, I have come to understand that a strong Chiron in ones astrology chart and within ones nature demonstrates a person that is somewhat “different” from other people, but if that person has the courage to embrace that difference and uniqueness, he or she will find happiness.

In other words, Chiron represents the true self. We all have Chiron present in our charts, and when we find and live from our true selves, regardless of what other people think or are doing, happiness comes naturally to us as a byproduct of living in this way, because when we embrace our true selves we embrace our true confidence rather than the more superficial confidence of the human ego, and we can easily ‘ignore’ or not buy into the vibrations of those that are not happy within themselves.

So, to sum up, true charisma (and happiness) comes from being and living within our true, authentic selves, and when we are embracing and living as our happy, true, authentic selves, we send out a positive vibration and example for other people to take enjoyment and happiness from, and perhaps learn from. That is what I call charisma.

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