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The Difference Between Your North Node and Your South Node

May 28, 2018

I have found, through years of observation, that the North node represents mostly conscious energy, and the South node represents largely unconscious energy. Also, the South node represents your habitual self (and internal comfort zone and things that are familiar), and North node energy shows where you attempt to accomplish things that are OUTSIDE your comfort zone (and possibly in the outside world also).

The North node is also largely PRO-active, and the South node is largely RE-active. Your South node represents your past, and your North node represents your future. The South node represents where you’ve come from as a person, and your North node represents where you are going (if you choose to go there).

The North node is the Dragon’s head, and it represents one’s creative energy to a certain extent. It points to where you can move into new, fresh territory, take on new challenges, and thereby become your new, expanded self. The South node is the Dragon’s tail, and it represents our established security and survival patterns and mechanisms, repetitive behaviour, and also an emotional attachment to our old habit patterns and circumstances. Unconscious  behaviours, thoughts and feelings (South node) reinforce our old, familiar, ‘safe’ self (South node).

There is a big difference between our North node and our South node (and remember that they are in opposite signs to each other for a start). When we sit in the energy of our South node – yes, we may feel comfortable and secure, but when we embrace our North node energy, we feel ALIVE.

The South node represents our habits. Personally, I have hugely underestimated how important habits are in my life (and in everyone’s lives). I will show in the following paragraphs how much of our personal ‘ram space’ is taken up by our habits. For instance, think about all the psychological patterns that we have collected on our journey through life. How much valuable clear ram space do they take up?

Your South node indicates ground you have previously covered and feel confident about or familiar with. You can also see your South node as pointing to ‘onboard gifts’ that you already have, and your North node points to the stimulating challenges you have come here to take on in this lifetime, in order to find and live your true self, true purpose, and thereby experience true joy as a spiritual being.

Like the fanatic that I am, I am repeatedly putting certain words in this article into italics. Let me explain why.

Remember that we are talking about the MOON’S nodes here. The Moon rules the astrological sign of Cancer. Cancerians are very sensitive people who collect things (photographs, memories, possessions, unconscious psychological habit patterns etc). Cancer is about FAMILY (familiar) and what feels comfortable, (comfort zone) and security, and memories and events of the past. Cancer relates to dependencies also.

Cancer’s opposite sign is Capricorn. Capricorn is much more about North node energy. Capricorn is about assuming responsibility, being self-reliant (independent as opposed to dependent) and going boldly out into the world (external rather than dwelling internally; outer rather than inner) to make a name for ourselves (sometimes out of necessity) and achieving something that is more than we currently are. We must face our fears with the North node, and take that leap away from security and plunge into the unknown, and take on ‘uncomfortable at first’ types of situations.

This is quite different energy in comparison to internal, comfort-loving, nurturing and nurtured, safe, sheltered, protective and protected Cancerian energy. In my opinion the Moon’s South node has a strong alignment with the sign of Cancer. So when I type a word that aligns with both the South node and the sign of Cancer, I am going to put it in italics, in order to differentiate South node energy from North node energy (and just you try and stop me 🙂

When we decide to operate through our North node, we are hesitant, and feel quite sensitive (in the Cancerian way) about what we will attempt to do. After all, our North node action is likely to be outside of our comfort zone, and we are likely to attempt to do something that we are not very familiar with (family). Perhaps we might be asked to do some important public speaking (out of our comfort zone) but are being summoned to speak about something that will benefit us, and also the people we speak to, immensely. But we balk at the prospect.

Did you feel some fear when I mentioned the prospect of public speaking? That was your North node cutting in, or more precisely, your South node’s reaction to a North node pursuit. Of course, taking North node action will represent a multitude of different challenging and scary things for a multitude of different people. Rock climbing anyone? Lion taming? Racecar driving? Travelling around the world and spending years away from home?

Of course, North node challenges don’t necessarily have to be as large and dramatic as the examples I offered above. The challenge might just be the simple act of taking responsibility in some way. Bringing up children for instance. Or filling in your tax return.

We make the most of ourselves and may rise to our highest purpose, function and public status (Capricorn) when we follow our North node inclinations, and take small steps or perhaps larger strides in that direction. We may even find the reason we came to this planet, and identify what we came here to do in this lifetime, and then go ahead and do it.

It is actually easier to be your North node when you are younger, and when you are a bit more ‘foolhardy’ and are prepared or even eager to try a variety of things that you wouldn’t try when you are older and have become more complacent and ‘contaminated’ by your own unconscious patterns. Our unconscious patterns are ever present, and come up during the day while we are awake, and they definitely come to the forefront at night when we are asleep and dreaming.

Neuroscientist and physician Dr. Joe Dispenza in his book, Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself: How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One, says that by the age of 35 years old, NINETY-FIVE PERCENT of our behaviour has become habitual and largely unconscious (South node). Yes, you read that right; 95%!

He goes on to say that, and I quote, “5 percent of the mind is conscious, struggling against the 95% that is running subconscious automatic programs. We’ve memorized a set of behaviors so well that we have become an automatic, habitual body-mind”.


Think of it like the inner workings of a computer. You’ve got 5% of clear operating space left on your computer that’s up against 95% of stored, accumulated ‘memory’. How fast and functional and efficient will your computer be under those circumstances?

If we overly embrace habitual behaviours (South node), there’s no way for us to overcome and find solutions to stagnant energy and problems that are rooted in the past. We need to come from a different energy frequency in order to be able to solve a problem; not the same energy frequency as the problem.

Habitual behaviours and habitual thoughts and feelings reinforce our old unconscious self (South node). So when your proactive conscious mind (North node) wants to try something new, innovative and daring, your unconscious mind (South node) comes up with a plethora of reasons why you should not attempt to do anything out of the ordinary and break out of your habitual way of being.

Please note that in my highlighting of the stark difference between the North node and the South node, at the same time I do not wish to belittle the qualities and value of the South node. Your nodes can (and do) work as a team.

South node gifts and qualities can be used to reach and attain North node goals. You have some built in ‘onboard’ gifts, experience, knowledge and mastery thanks to your South node that you can use wisely to attain personal expansion in ways pointed to by your North node.

For instance, South node in Aries adds independence, initiative and leadership qualities to any chart, and a certain amount of me-first ‘warrior energy’. But because the person with South node in Aries also has their North node in the opposite sign of Libra, they are being asked in this incarnation to learn power sharing, in a fair and balanced way, and to put the other person first. The South node Aries person is being asked to surrender or at least compromise some of their personal, stand-alone independent power. This might be by sharing leadership roles with other individuals or within a group, in a considerate, balanced Libran type of partnership arrangement. Or perhaps by letting someone else take the lead completely. That Aries South node can add a lot of initiative, enthusiasm, courage, warmth and value to any partnership, even if it is not running the show.

Another example might be a person with the South node in Cancer. This same person has their North node in Capricorn, which means they are being asked to get organized and take personal responsibility for their lives, and also to create some valuable, useful structures out in the world that will benefit many people. The South node in Cancer contains sensitive, sympathetic, caring, intuitive, highly developed nurturing abilities, which can help their North node in Capricorn to build structures that greatly nurture other people; useful, empowering structures that perhaps teach or show other people how to be self-sufficient and responsible for themselves and their own health and healing.

So remember that all is not lost, and here is the good news. You created your subconscious patterns in the first place by inputting information into your big subconscious reservoir with your conscious mind (and you continue to do this as you move through life). So you can overwrite existing programmes – ones that don’t serve you – with your conscious mind once more.

For example, perhaps when you were a child, one of your parents or perhaps both parents constantly criticized you and told you that you were useless and worthless and wouldn’t amount to anything, and with your conscious mind you wrote this pattern into your own subconscious by believing them. Become aware of this unhelpful programme, and overwrite it with new conscious mind input every time it comes up.

The next time you want to try something new, be aware of your unconscious patterns if they come up to hold you back or dissuade you, keep an eye on your internal dialogue, monitor the thoughts you think, and smile at your inner critic when it pops up with ‘advice’. Thoughts that you continue to think by repeating them eventually turn into beliefs. Beliefs eventually create realities in your life.

Change yourself and your life in wonderful ways by creating and feeding in some helpful beliefs; beliefs that serve you and bring you joy. The more awake and conscious you are able to be, the more you will be able to live, or start living, through your North node.

Keep reaching for the stimulating challenges that your North node points you towards, and watch you life become much more exciting, stimulated, satisfying and deeply joyful!

Credits: I must give credit to Dr Joe Dispenza and his wonderful book named Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself: How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One. When I read Dr Joe’s words and considered his well- researched discoveries about our conscious, proactive side and our unconscious, reactive side, our potential future self and our residual past self, and how we change as we age and how the aware, conscious part of ourselves by the age of 35 years old is way out of balance with the much larger habitual, unconscious part of ourselves, I immediately recognised the astrological North and South nodes in my own and everybody else’s natal charts.


The North Node: Tips On How To Understand It

January 21, 2015

In order to ascertain valuable clues about the North and South Node (they come as a team) in an astrology birth chart or ‘sky map”, always incorporate the polarity of the two (opposite) signs involved that the North and South Node occupy.

The North Node describes a person’s highest purpose in this lifetime, and the South Node describes the “comfort zone” that needs to be transcended and broken out of for valuable personal growth to occur.

The South Node describes what we are being asked to leave behind and the North Node describes what we are being asked to move toward in this lifetime in order to experience ultimate satisfaction and personal joy, and because the North Node is about one’s highest purpose, it also hints at wonderful ways that we can be of most useful service to others.

The polarity operating between the two signs the Nodes occupy provides valuable information about this personal energy transition and shift, which can take a lifetime to achieve (if it happens at all – depends on the person).

Even though two signs opposed to each other on the zodiac wheel have many opposite qualities, there is also a common thread that links the two signs. This is called polarity. For instance, even though Scorpio and Taurus have many opposite qualities, they are both about money, possessions, sensuality and strong desires. That is the common thread and polarity that operates between these two signs that oppose each other on the zodiac wheel.

A person who has the South Node in Scorpio and the North Node in Taurus is being asked to move away from the complications, intensity, risk taking, danger and secretiveness of Scorpio, and towards the slow, steady, plodding pace, simplicity, peace, solidness and dependable security described by the North Node in the sign of Taurus.

However, a person born with the Nodes around the other way e.g. the South Node in Taurus and the North Node in Scorpio is being asked to let go of possessions, security and stability (Taurus) to a certain degree and to live more dangerously and intensely and take more risks (Scorpio) and trust the universe. The person with the North Node in Scorpio is being called to develop the ability to manifest (Scorpio) personal needs, wants and desires out of thin air, rather than “hold onto” things while staying in an unadventurous security rut (South Node in Taurus).

Here is another example of polarity between signs. Aries and Libra are opposite signs which display many opposite qualities, but they are both about relationships. This is the common thread of polarity that operates between them and links them. Libra is about attracting a partner, and Aries is about pursuing one, taking action and displaying initiative, and “bringing home the bacon” in a sense.

Libra describes attractiveness, and the power to attract, while Aries describes assertiveness, and the ability to win the challenge or contest by taking assertive action. Aries is about SELF, and Libra is about “the other”.  Aries is about personal identity, independent actions and so on, whereas Libra is more about personal identity in league with or even through the partner.

So the extreme of Aries might be SELF-ishness, and the extreme of Libra might be (crippling) codependence. There is a balance in the middle of course.

So a person with the North Node in Aries and South Node in Libra needs to develop a more assertive, courageous and independent identity, and also needs to learn to become a bit more SELF-ish. However, a person born with the Nodes around the other way e.g. North Node in Libra and South Node in Aries needs to learn to work through or in cooperation with other people more and learn to consider others more instead of constantly using the abundance of independent personal leadership strength that South Node in Aries supplies.

And so on and so on, around the zodiac.

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