Hello World!

February 18, 2010

We all have an ability, deep down inside us, to serve. By ‘serve’ I mean having something beautiful, useful and unique inside us that we can share with and give to this world.

Some people find their unique ability early in life and bring it out and develop it and use it and apply it. Some other people never manage to find it and tap into it during the course of their lifetimes.

Astrology is one art form that can greatly assist us in recognizing and tapping this gift, this talent, this unique offering and individual ability that is truly us, and help us or empower us to use it in a confident way that will benefit others (and ourselves during the process of sharing it).

With this blog I hope, over the next few years, to post articles that are helpful and useful to the seasoned astrologer, and eventually, simple articles that are helpful for the curious beginner that wishes to know more about astrology, in an effort to share the intuitive gift that I believe I have, with others.

Never underestimate what can be found in your natal astrology chart, or ‘Star Map’, because your chart is the key to who you are, and describes your true, individual self, and can easily ‘re-acquaint’ you with who you truly are.



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