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Saturn Trine Uranus 2017 and Quantum Physics

January 17, 2017

Saturn represents the old, established and traditional. Uranus represents the new, enlightened and ground-breaking. Saturn represents the old form of science – Newtonian science. Uranus represents the new, enlightened, breakthrough, Quantum Physics science.

Newtonian science is predictable (Saturn). Quantum physics is a lot more innovative and unpredictable (Uranus), and with Quantum Physics, the experimenter is always involved in the experiment and is recognised as a part of the end result of an experiment (all of humanity – Uranus). The Saturn trine Uranus planetary aspect occurring in the heavens which began at the end of 2016, is within orb throughout all of 2017. So this is a good year for mixing and integrating the new and innovative with the old and established.

As individuals, we all have an inner, personal reality, and also an outer reality, that we are affected by. Perhaps I should give a crude example of this. You are out on the highway driving your car, feeling great, and a traffic cop suddenly pulls you over and gives you a speeding ticket. You are not pleased, and your good mood rapidly evaporates. An event from the outer reality has produced a reaction inside your inner reality.

Newtonian science brought us the laws of Cause and Effect. Something happening in the outer reality causes an effect deep within us (in our inner reality). This could be an enjoyable experience, or a not so enjoyable experience (for us personally). But there wasn’t a lot we could do about it. That was our lot. We just hoped the Gods of good fortune would be kind to us.

But then the new, exciting and mind-blowing Quantum Physics came along and changed all those old, limiting, Newtonian science rules, and in the process, hinted at personal liberation for all of us.

We are sending out and broadcasting a specific signal into the universal intelligence and into the Quantum Field at all times, just by virtue of what we are thinking and feeling, and the universe (or Quantum Field in the terms of quantum physicists) sends us “feedback” directly related to the particular signal we are sending out/have sent out. We think things, feel things and do things in our inner reality, and things happen in the outer reality.

Cause and Effect. If you are unconscious about what you are sending out, you may be unhappy about or mystified by what is coming back to you from the universe. An undesirable effect that comes back from the universe to you may cause you to react inside your inner reality in an undesirable or unpleasant way, thereby causing you to send out a signal that will produce and bring back to you more undesirable effects. You may react unpleasantly to that and send out on that frequency again… and so on. So you can see how easily you can create a negative feedback loop for yourself.

By applying the new scientific model that Quantum Physics has given us to work with, we can change our destiny and improve our lives astoundingly. Quantum physics tells us that the quantum field (or universe, whichever you prefer) will constantly respond to the signal you are constantly sending out (often involuntarily or sometimes unconsciously) and will send back to you something on the same frequency that you are sending out on. So, instead of being at the mercy of “Newtonian” cause and effect (in terms of something unpleasant from the outer reality producing an unpleasant reaction in your personal inner reality), quantum physics says that you can learn to cause an effect in your life, or produce a result in the outer reality which you have deliberately originated from your inner reality. AND THEN YOUR LIFE CHANGES!

Newtonian Verses Quantum

So the new quantum physics is reversing (Uranus) the notion of the old Newtonian (Saturnian) science. Instead of an event (cause) in the outer reality producing an effect in your inner reality, from your inner reality you affect a cause in the outer reality! The quantum field is responding to you, rather than you responding to the quantum field. You are no longer a ”victim” of cause and effect. You become the creator, who has caused an effect! (the creator you were always meant to be). Instead of re-acting inside your inner reality to something coming from the outer reality, you pro-act: you have done something pro-active inside your inner reality and created a change in the outer reality. You are starting out on an entirely different pathway!

As human beings, we feel a deep need to break out of our “programming” (same old same old). The “same old same old” can be seen as the status quo (Saturn). That spark of “rebellion” against the status quo is a symbol of the slowly strengthening Aquarian age, growing within each and every one of us. And with Uranus in pioneering Aries at the moment, that spark is especially strong. Even though things look a bit grim at the moment on the world scene, there are fantastic liberations for all of humanity coming, and this liberating quantum physics knowledge is one of them. And true liberation begins deep inside each and every one of us.

When we continually react (re-act) to the Outer reality affecting us inside our Inner reality (thereby creating more of the same), we become robots, stuck inside the robotic system of our own programming. We become POO (Prisoners Of Ourselves 🙂 )


The Earth Plane (Saturn) and the Heavens (Uranus)

Saturn seems to be the ruler of this earthly dimension of existence we find ourselves in; gravity pushing heavily down on us, limits and boundaries (and obligations) everywhere, and objectives that take a long TIME to achieve. Quantum physicists tell us that the quantum field operates on another dimension that is beyond time, space and location. In other words, there is no such thing as time and location in the quantum field. Everything is one, including our past, present and future. This is vastly different to our Saturn-ruled earth plane, where time (Old Father Time) and “location, location, location” are so important (especially to Capricorn Real Estate sales people) 🙂 The “Heavens” (which is where the quantum field presumably resides) is where we create the reality we shall experience here on earth. So this advanced knowledge is sort of “Fire from the Gods’ in a way. A lightning bolt of liberating knowledge from the heavens (hey there Prometheus, nice to see you back).

Saturn definitely has its place, but it needs to be fed. It needs to be fed inspiration. Uranus can provide this inspiration. Uranus can be extreme about changing stern Saturn’s status quo, but Uranus can also work in cooperation with Saturn to create valuable new ways of doing old things, and upgrade old, outdated systems (Windows Eleven anyone?) And under the benevolent rays of Saturn (in Sagittarius, the sign of philosophy and expansion) trining Uranus (in Aries, the sign that represents pioneering exciting new things in challenging and cutting edge ways), a lot more people will come to accept the exciting facts that quantum physics has exposed and is offering to all of us, and thereby find personal liberation. (And of course, with Saturn in Jupiter’s sign, the Jupiter-Uranus interactions operating during 2017 are helping out here as well in terms of shifting Saturn’s viewpoint).

Do you know that if you wish to listen (do you wish to listen?) to a radio station on the A.M. frequency band and you are not getting very good reception, the more people that decide to tune into that particular station’s frequency, the better the reception of that station will become for you and the easier it becomes for everyone to receive and listen to that station? It’s the same when anchoring and fluidly applying exciting new knowledge (morphic resonance, or the hundredth monkey principle).

So this blog post, among other things, is about me personally ‘testifying’ in a way. When I put this info out there into the airwaves for others to benefit from, it strengthens the whole vibration within me. And I know good things will come back.

“Re-invent Thyself”, “Re-Mind” Yourself

This type of liberating knowledge may be quickly labelled as “hocus pocus”, or “magical thinking”, or “New Age” by some, but the wonderful new liberating science of Quantum Physics is now offering concrete proof that this is the way it really is  (wake up, scientists are saying it 🙂 )

Saturn and Uranus both rule Aquarius (and the advancing Aquarian age) – liberation and equality for all, (and hopefully a bit of friendship), and there is a definite transition going on. Hop aboard the liberation train! (The Saturn-Chiron square is also contributing to this state of affairs during 2017, but more about that another time).




Which Astrological Sign Will Planet Nine Rule?

November 19, 2016

It is late October 2016 and I have just read about “Planet Nine” in the news. Planet Nine is a hypothetical planet that orbits the outer reaches of our solar system, well beyond Neptune and Pluto; in fact about 20 times further out than Neptune does, from the Sun.

Planet Nine is rumoured to be a massive planet – from 5 to 20 times bigger than the Earth, and it may even be responsible for tipping the Sun slightly on its axis (a 6 degree tilt). Because Planet Nine is such a massive planet, it pulls on the orbits of several asteroids and elongates those orbits. That is one of the reasons why astronomers feel fairly confident that Planet Nine is actually out there, without having physically seen it through a telescope at this stage. (For a long time I have wondered why Pluto has such an elliptical orbit compared to the rest of the planets – could Planet Nine have something to do with this?)

Planet Nine is a (hypothetical at this stage) world that orbits our Sun in a giant ellipse, at a distance of 40 to over 100 billion miles away. It is estimated that it will take Planet Nine between 10 to 20,000 years to complete a full orbit of the Sun.

Because Planet Nine is at least 5,000 times the mass of Pluto, there will be no debate amongst astronomers about whether it is a “true” planet or not (sorry Pluto, size DOES count when it comes to astronomers and their personal opinions 🙂

Wikipedia tells me that if Planet Nine is physically discovered (by being spotted with a telescope), it will likely be given a name chosen from Roman or Greek mythology. A new planet’s mythological identity can be a very helpful clue for astrologers trying to determine its astrological nature – as has been evidenced in the case of Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron, amongst others. So what is it with that? How come the mythology for Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron fits so well? How can something from the past tell us about the future? Why was/is this knowledge already present – even before we “discover” the planet? Does it not cross your mind that we may perhaps be rediscovering these planets?

The Old System Of Planetary Rulerships

 In the old traditional planetary rulership system, the twelve astrological signs were ruled by seven planets. Because there weren’t enough planets to go round to make it possible for each sign to have its own ruling planet, some of the planets ruled two signs.

As the planets move outward from the centre of our solar system (in terms of astrological planetary rulership order), they go: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

And in terms of the astrology chart wheel and the signs they rule, they also move outward, in both directions, from the starting sign of Leo.

A test For Your Visualizing Skills

If you are not an especially visual person, in order to help you visualize this concept, it might be easier if you have an actual astrology chart form in front of you. Put the sign of Leo right at the bottom of the wheel. The Sun rules Leo. The Moon rules Cancer (one sign to the left of Leo heading in a clockwise direction). Mercury rules two signs: Gemini (one more sign to the left in a clockwise direction) and Virgo (one sign to the right of Leo in an anticlockwise direction). Venus rules Taurus (three signs to the left of Leo in a clockwise direction) and Libra (two signs to the right of Leo in an anticlockwise direction). The trend continues with Mars, which rules Aries (four signs to the left of Leo in a clockwise direction) and Scorpio (three signs to the right of Leo in an anticlockwise direction). Jupiter rules Pisces (five signs to the left of Leo in a clockwise direction) and Sagittarius (four signs to the right of Leo in an anticlockwise direction).

That leaves only Aquarius and Capricorn, which sit next to each other at the top of the wheel. These two signs, such a long way from Leo on the wheel, are both ruled by Saturn (which was the last planet out from the Sun in those days). The circle is complete.

So you can see that as we have moved around the astrology chart wheel away from Leo in both directions, we have also followed the astrological planetary order outward from the Sun (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, ending with Saturn). This distinct pattern is important in terms of what comes next.

So, with the old system of rulerships, we had a nice, tidy package. But then Uranus came along and upset the apple cart.

The New Rulership System

 Uranus, discovered in 1781, took over the rulership of Aquarius from Saturn. So poor old Saturn was reduced to ruling only one sign (Capricorn). What a shocking loss of status for Saturn. So notice that on the astrology chart wheel, we are now moving to the left, back toward Leo, in an anticlockwise direction. And then in 1846, Neptune was discovered. More confusion. Neptune took over the rulership of Pisces, and Jupiter was left ruling only one sign (Sagittarius). Notice that we have moved one more sign to the left on the wheel in an anticlockwise direction, on a continuing journey back in toward the sign of Leo at the bottom of the wheel. In terms of the planetary order, we are also moving back inward toward the Sun (Saturn to Jupiter to Mars to Venus and so on)

So, following this trend, Pluto (discovered in 1930) should have taken over Aries, which is the next sign moving to the left in an anticlockwise direction. It sort of did in a way, but it took over the other sign that Mars rules – Scorpio. So here we have a new pattern starting up. The newly discovered planet now has a choice about which of the two signs, that Mars rules, to take over.

A Hypothetical Theory For A Hypothetical Planet

So, following this new pattern, bearing in mind that we are still moving in toward Leo on the wheel, and inward toward the Sun via the planetary order, the next planet to be discovered will take over one of the two signs that Venus rules, which happen to be Taurus and Libra.

Here is an interesting clue (from Wikipedia) concerning Planet Nine’s orbit: “The aphelion or farthest point from the Sun would be in the general direction of the constellations of Orion and Taurus, and the perihelion (the nearest point to the Sun) would be in the general direction of the southerly areas of Serpens, Ophiuchus, and Libra.” (My italics)

I find that to be an interesting astronomical clue in terms of the astrological theory I am putting forth.

So if planet Nine does exist and it does end up taking over one of the two Venus-ruled signs of Taurus and Libra, which sign do you think it would take over?

I would put my bet on Taurus. Because, to me, Venus feels more natural as the ruler of Libra.

Certain astronomers speculate that there may well be more planets hiding in the outer fringe of our solar system.

If so, the next planet to be discovered (following the pattern) would take over one of the two signs that Mercury rules (Gemini and Virgo). Personally, I would favour Virgo myself.

And then the zodiac wheel would be complete, with twelve planets ruling twelve signs!

The 12th House – A Positive Spin

November 1, 2015

The 12th house of the zodiac wheel contains a certain amount of mystery, and when one looks on the web in an endeavour to find out more about it, there seems to be a lot of misinformation and confusion around it (in written form). This is natural because the 12th house aligns with the 12th sign of Pisces. Remember that the sign of Pisces contains two fishes; one swimming upstream, and one swimming downstream. One fish could be considered generally negative, and the other broadly positive.

Unfortunately, the majority of people seem to identify the negatives more easily than the positives when it comes to astrology (and perhaps life in general).

Yes, acting out the downstream fish can lead to self undoing, imprisonment, institutionalisation etc (and anything else restricting and negative that the imagination may dream up). And the imagination has a lot to do with both Pisces and the 12th house. But lets look at the upstream fish – the one that swims against the current towards consideration and compassion for others and personal spiritual growth and enlightenment, rather than the downstream one which can sometimes disappear in a cloud of beer froth, or perhaps diminish ones spiritual progress with overindulgence in hard liquor or drugs.

I am someone who has two planets in the 12th house, and one in Pisces itself. I have a Neptune flavoured North and South Node also. If I didn’t have these natal placements, I wouldn’t be writing this.

I enjoy my 12th house and its placements. Yes, I enjoy my solitude, and need a bit of it everyday, and the occasional weekend alone is great for personal introspection, but I am also a very social person. i like all the different types of people in the world (just like all the different types of fish in the ocean). And, in true Piscean style, I recognise that the ocean is the one habitat that contains all those individual types of fish. Individuality within the Oneness.

To me, the 12th house is like a joyful monastery.

Imagine a monastery in a beautiful setting with plenty of silence, contemplation, dedication and devotion (to something greater) going on within it. And experiencing amazing personal spiritual breakthroughs every now and then. Seeing and recognising the light that resides at the centre of ones being.

We all have a personal beautiful spiritual light shining at the centre of ourselves. Sometimes the accumulated shadows of our subconscious mind may diminish that light from time to time, and in varying degrees. Correct use of our 12th house represents our opportunity to break through those personal shadows (we all have our ‘story’) and let our light shine. Our 12th house represents our opportunity to recognise our own personal light, and then amplify it, without attributing it to something outside of ourselves (there is no separation – separation is an illusion)

That is what the 12th house represents for me.

I don’t want to live my life in a monastery, and I surely don’t, but I sure do enjoy those special spiritual 12th house times!

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