Guns And Nukes: Mars and Pluto and Anger

Pluto is the higher octave of Mars. Mars represents the handgun. Pluto represents the atomic bomb.

With Mars, anger is often released rapidly and without ceremony. With Pluto however, the anger tends to build up until it reaches an explosive level and explosion point: kind of like a volcano. So that’s why people with Mars in Scorpio in their natal charts usually need to learn how to release their anger properly and healthily.

But back to Mars representing the handgun, and Pluto representing the atomic bomb (an atomic bomb works by splitting large atomic nuclei, usually plutonium, thereby releasing a huge amount of energy). If a person with mental problems needs to pass a psychiatric or psychological test to buy and be responsible for a handgun, shouldn’t politicians with big egos and malignant narcissism and so forth need to pass the same test to run an entire country? Especially a country that has nuclear weapons at that “leader’s” disposal, which therefore, if used by an unstable personality, implicates the deaths of millions of people?


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